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UAINE Candles are hand poured in the heart of the historic village of Morpeth. We are a locally owned and operated business located on the banks of the Hunter River - just a few metres from Morpeth's original candle factory of the 1840's.

Our Gaelic name UAINE ('oonyah') means green and verdant - a nod to the Irish and Scottish settlers of Morpeth, the beautiful view of the Hunter River from our candle room, the green pastures of the Hunter Valley and our 'green' commitment to protecting our environment.

We are passionate about our soy candles, our health & the health of our environment. We use the finest quality ingredients and we are constantly experimenting with new and wonderful fragrances to provide you with a choice of beautiful, clean, safer and healthier candles & reed diffusers that will enhance your spaces not overpower them.

UAINE Candles Australia

Photographs from an article on Uaine Candles published by the Newcastle Herald on 10 November 2019

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