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Hospitality & Real Estate

'We love UAINE Candles. We use them for open homes as they burn clean & have  beautiful, natural fragrances. They are elegantly packaged & make great gifts for vendors, buyers & staff'  Janelle Moran, Ray White Long Jetty

What is a Hospitality Package 

Real Estate & Hospitality products are designed for in-house use by real estate agents, hotels, motels, BNB's, restaurants, cafes and nursing homes or any business that has common areas, toilets or office spaces that would benefit from the fresh, natural fragrances that UAINE Candles has to offer. They are not for resale.

Products in this range come without packaging and are delivered in packs of 12 which allows better than wholesale pricing.

REAL ESTATE  - our candles and reed diffusers feature in open homes and real estate offices throughout Australia. Agents choose from our 21 standard fragrances depending on their location and their marketing strategy. For example, our Bakehouse fragrance is used to create a warm, homely ambiance making a house feel like a home. Beachside agents swear by our Fresh Lime & Coconut or Flannel Flower to create a natural freshness. To overcome lingering mustiness, kitchen or pet odours you can't go past our Lemon Scented Gum which uniquely soaks up nasties rather than just covering them up. Lemon Scented Gum is also a natural mosquito repellent, very useful in a bushland setting.

Real estate agents also use our candles and reed diffusers as gifts for home buyers, vendors, landlords and staff (go to wholesale pages for gift boxed candles & diffusers).

HOSPITALITY - cafes, restaurants, motels, hotels and BNB's use UAINE Candles products in common areas, open spaces, toilets and bedrooms  - any area that might need a bit of freshening up. Our fragrances are also great for creating an ambiant mood - try Blush for romance, Provence for calm or Baroque for a sense of opulence.

Our long lasting reed diffusers offer great value for money saving businesses thousands of dollars every year. 

Many hospitality venues also maintain a stock of UAINE gift boxed candles and reed diffusers for resale to customers who wish to purchase the products they have enjoyed during their stay (go to wholesale pages for gift boxed candles & diffusers).

Speak to one of our team if you are interested in customisation or co-branding

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Email or call us & one of our team members will provide a password which will allow you to access the Hospitality Store if you meet eligibility requirements

Phone: (02) 4934 4935

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