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Our Philosophy

The only thing complicated about us is our name

beautiful + clean + safer + healthier


UAINE 'oonyah' is a Gaelic word meaning green, lush and verdant. A nod to our local heritage and our commitment to producing beautiful products that are ethically produced and environmentally responsible.


At UAINE we are committed to keeping it simple and natural from the candle wax that we use to the fragrances we choose, our packaging, our labels and our descriptions.


Our talented creative team is based in a beautiful, rural village with a simple, clean lifestyle and an abundance of fresh ideas.  


Every aspect of our business is governed by our desire to keep the whole thing simple and uncomplicated; to use materials that are natural, environmentally friendly, renewable and sustainable; to minimise waste and to recycle and up-cycle everything we can.


And the end result is that we are able to create the finest candles and home fragrance products with fragrances that will enhance your personal spaces, not overpower them.

luxury jar

Our Jars

Recycle or re-purpose

UAINE Candles uses the highest quality moulded glass which has a thicker wall, making it safer to use and less likely to break when shipped.

Our lids are glass, wood or metal with a silicon seal.

Once the candle is finished you can remove the easy-peel label and wash it with warm, soapy water. Re-use the jar and lid as a storage or decorative jar or throw it into the appropriate recycling bin at home.

A little bit more about our natural, eco-friendly soy wax

Our Soy Wax:

  • Is a 100% vegetable product, made from the purest soybean oil on the market

  • Is Natural and Biodegradable

  • Is manufactured meeting FDA standards

  • Is not tested on animals

  • Contains no animal products

  • Contains no palm wax

  • Contains no petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products

  • Contains no pesticides

  • Contains no herbicides

  • Contains no toxic materials

  • Contains no genetically modified materials

  • Is Kosher certified

For further information or assistance

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